7 Tips to Rock the Career Expo

Maybe you haven’t heard yet, but the spring Career Expo is less than two weeks away! We want you to succeed at the expo. With almost 300 employers registered to attend, you need to prepare before you can rock the Career Expo.

  1. Get your resume critiqued at the Career Center. Schedule an appointment through CAREERlink.
  2. Make a plan. Have an idea of what employers you want to visit with. It’s also a good idea to prioritize the list. Even though you will have this plan, there will be some employers that you will talk to that you didn’t intend on meeting.
  3. Research the employers you want to connect with. See the list of participating employers by downloading our app, NDSU Career Fair Plus. Know about their company and the job opportunities they currently have. It’s never good to ask them questions that you could find online.
  4. Plan what you’re going to wear at least three days in advance of the fair. You don’t want to have a wrinkled shirt or not have clean, matching socks. If you don’t have a professional outfit to wear, be sure to check out our Career Closet.
  5. Print off extra resumes to share with recruiters who you plan to talk to and also those you may not be preparing to visit with.
  6. Practice your conversation starter and hand shake. Prepare a 30-second conversation about you, your academic background and work experience.
  7. Visit the Career Center to answer any lingering questions.

See you at the Expo!

By Jamie Tait
Jamie Tait Events Assistant & Marketing Coordinator Jamie Tait