Internship Registration – Top 3 FAQs

Hi there, my name is Emma and I’m the Graduate Assistant for the Internship Program. I thought this would be a great way to answer a few commonly asked questions students have when I meet with them for internship registration.

How many internship credits can I earn during the semester?

Students are able to earn up to 3 credits during a given semester.

Registering for 3 credits allows students to maintain their full-time status at NDSU while they are completing their internships. Students have access to all on-campus services and student loans do not enter repayment.

Am I able to take another class along with my internship?

Yes! Students are able to register for additional classes along with internship credits if they chose to do so. Any additional classes can be registered for via Campus Connection.

Do I need to register my internship credits through Campus Connection?

No, the Career Center will register students directly through Registration and Records, so there is no need to select a course in Campus Connection.

Once a student’s registration has been processed and approved, he/she will receive an email from the Internship Coordinator letting him/her know they have successfully been registered for internship credit. The student will then be able to view the course when logged into Campus Connection.

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By Emma Stupke
Emma Stupke Graduate Assistant Emma Stupke