Career Coaching

Career coaching in action!

Career success coaching is available to students and recent alumni. It can help you explore how you’re wired and what careers might be a good fit based on various factors including interests, skills, values, industry trends, employment statistics, salary expectations, and more. Amanda Reil is NDSU’s Career Success Coach and she works with people 1 to 1 and in groups to help identify right-fitting roles in the workplace. Career coaching is based on the idea that if you’re going to spend 8+ hours a day in a job, it might as well be something you love!

The Career Center also has a separate, but connected, career advising team to provide tactical support to find a job, which often includes refining resumes, writing compelling cover letters, learning how to secure interviews and how to interview successfully.

While career coaching and career advising overlap in some areas, distinctions include: Career coaching helps people establish initial direction on career paths and associated areas of study. Career advising takes the next step of helping people access careers after they’ve identified a general career direction.

Career coaching uses a variety of tools, exercises, and assessments based on the situation to help you identify career goals and start developing an action plan to achieve them.

Appointments can be made through Student Success Collaborative or by calling the Career Center in Ceres Hall at 701-231-7111.