Encourage Your Student to Take the FDS Survey

Congratulations on your recent graduation from NDSU!

The NDSU Career Center publishes an Employment Report annually of recent graduates — see past reports here. Past reports contain information arranged by major on employment rates, continuing education enrollment rates, and starting salaries.

We value your contribution as we aim to collect data that will enable you to research career information in the categories mentioned, as well as learn about hiring trends by industry, top employers at NDSU, job offer time frames, and more.

Survey Instructions:

  1. Go to: https://ndsu.12twenty.com
  2. Click on ‘Student/Alumni Sign Up’
  3. Enter your NDSU (firstname.lastname@ndsu.edu) email address and create a password
  4. Complete the signup and survey process – takes about 3-5 minutes for most people

Thank you for your time.  We wish you the best in your journey ahead.