Full Time Job

Jobs are submitted and reviewed through CAREERlink. Allow up to one business day for email correspondence on the status of your request. Log in to CAREERlink now to post your opportunities.

Full-time Professional – Current Students and Recent Graduates

Jobs that REQUIRE/PREFER a degree for graduating students or alumni:

  • Professional full-time, temporary and part-time positions that require or prefer a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • No cost for posting a job
  • Job will be active for up to 45 days 

Education Vacancies
North Dakota centralizes education vacancy announcements through the following sites:

Openings within ND
Fax vacancies to: 701-328-4000
Students access these openings at www.jobsnd.com

Openings Out-of-State (outside ND)
Positions can be posted at www.teamnd.org for students to access
*Daycare and preschool openings that require a four-year degree, but do not require teaching certificates may be posted on CAREERlink.

Third Party Postings