The Career Center’s Vision is that every student would have classroom-integrated career education, professional connections, and field experience prior to graduation–contributing to a strong NDSU reputation of cultivating highly employable graduates.

The Career Center’s Mission is to prepare students for maximum employability beginning year one and continuing through graduation by catalyzing a career everywhere ecosystem connecting students, alumni, faculty, staff, and organizations for the benefit of all involved.

The Career Center’s Brand Purpose is to inspire students to reach their full potential.

Core Values:

  1. Career Everywhere
  2. Connection
  3. Student-focused
  4. Accessible
  5. Innovation


The Career Center will fulfill its mission by:

  • Serving as the institution’s primary, centralized career resource center
  • Instructing students and alumni in career-related essentials
  • Partnering with faculty, staff, academic departments and employers to provide relevant and appropriate employment information
  • Providing employment-centered activities, programs and resources
  • Staying abreast of current technical advances that impact career search

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students who actively engage with the Career Center will:

  1. Increase their knowledge of career-related skills and confidence necessary to achieve their career goals
  2. Demonstrate awareness of using career-related skills and techniques towards their post graduate goals
  3. Identify opportunities to gain career-related experience outside of the classroom prior to graduation
  4. Develop professional connections on and off campus

Student Fee: The Career Center receives $22 from each full-time student per semester through tuition fees (pro-rated for part-time students). This investment covers a portion of the Career Center’s staffing and operating expenses that help prepare students for maximum employability through career coaching, classroom teaching, career events, technology, and salaries/benefits for select staff members.

Updated 1/19